Twitch, YouTube, IGN and many other websites are filled with so called “Brawl Stars cheats” but are they really working or any good? Our community tried them and the results were rather poor. Let us tell you why.

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What are cheats?

Since many search results have only shown us guides, we really have to ask the question, what are cheats? In our opinion they are actions with which you can gain a certain advantage in the game. All this in a very unusual way, which is not known to many players. Does this apply to the tips and tricks mentioned above? Definitely not. For this reason, we simply claim that all the Brawl Stars cheats from IGN, Gamefaqs etc. are not real cheats.

Beginner tips instead of cheats?

When we searched for Brawl Stars cheats, we mostly found guides and tutorials. They explained to us, similar to Wikipedia, what gems and coins are, what they are needed for and how you can get them. But somehow they forgot to mention the actual cheats. Much more it was only about tips and tricks for the game, which are only worthwhile for absolute beginners. As an experienced player you already know the modes and you also know what the Gems are good for.

What to do?

Search for a “Brawl Stars hack” instead of various cheats or tips and tricks. Why? Because this is how you find the online generator. With this Brawl Stars Generator you can then generate free gems and coins. This is what the game is all about.

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The big problem with the big gaming magazines

They will never make it public, but we believe that there is a reason for this. There’s a reason they won’t give you real cheats. Because in the first place, it would hurt their relationship with Supercell, which is a billion-dollar company. That means no more exclusive interviews, no more betas, no more invitations to events. For many magazines today that would be the downfall, because it’s all about who gets what news first. For this reason there is a conflict of interest. They want to report about cheats, but they can’t, because otherwise they will be punished. In other words, they cannot report independently.

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