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When searching for a Brawl Stars mod apk you will not only find a lot of websites but also many different files. Almost all of these files have been revised by some third party. In this article we will now clarify whether it is really useful to download and install such a modified application from the game.

What is your goal?

If you only want to have coins and gems, you will not really need a Brawl Stars mod apk, you can just use the hack. This is much easier, more reliable and without any risk. Furthermore you will still be able to play on the public server.

free brawl stars gems and coins
Is there any alternative?

Of course there is. If you want to get more coins and gems, just check out the online generator for the game. There you enter your Supercell ID, whether you are playing on iOS or Android and how many free Gems and Coins you would like to receive. You do not need to enter your password, security question or any other private data anywhere. No one will have access to your score or your device. So don’t worry about that at all.

All in all, it can be said that the hack has helped thousands of people all over the world to get free items. It doesn’t require a jailbreak or root, unlike the mod apk. It is a much safer and faster way to get better in the game. If you need help with the hack, just have a look at our instructions.

What about regular cheats for Brawl Stars?

We have already explained in one of our other articles that most of the Brawl Stars cheats you can find on the internet are not really effective. Most of them are just harmless tips and tricks that you will find out sooner or later. For this reason we recommend you to use the hack directly. The normal cheats for Brawl Stars on Twitch and all the other sites are really not helpful. The same goes for all the videos on YouTube. Often they redirect you to some strange sites that really don’t help you.

brawl stars hack ios android 2020

Be aware of the risks of an Brawl Stars mod apk

Do you know who developed this Brawl Stars mod apk? Even if any name was given, how can you be sure that it was really this person? Also be aware that you need a jailbreak or root for your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or other device that will void the warranty. Once you tamper with the hardware or software, you will no longer have a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, you should know that anyone can have unauthorized access to your device. By this we mean pictures, microphone, camera, contacts and other important data. So be careful!

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